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Aging Is Not For Sissies

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Vitality Secrets I learned from my 85 year old friend By AJ Chandler Host @joirevolution.

Angie Chandler and Kay 2015
Angie Chandler and Kay 2015

When I met Kay back in 2015, I was immediately in awe of her vitality. She has lived the majority of her long life with only a handful of visits to a doctor. She started her own natural skin care business at age 64 and continued it until she was 89 . Her skin care line, called Vital Face, is a result of her own due diligence in training herself in natural, organic products designed to prevent aging. Kay is not just the creative force of this amazing product, she is living proof of its results.

At age 85 she has very few wrinkles or sagging skin and has plenty of energy and stamina, along with an active and sharp mind, better than most people 20 years her junior. So what is her secret to such a healthy and happy life? I wanted to find out…

From the day I met Kay, she and I became instant friends. We spent time going to dinner, listening to music and sharing stories. She and I also visited a local church together and had a close spiritual bond. I found Kay to be one of the strongest and most vital 85 year women I have ever known and was honored to share a friendship with her.

I was so impressed by her youthfulness and happiness, I wanted to know more about her secrets to such great longevity and vitality; so, I decided to ask Kay if I could interview her. She said “of course honey, lets open a bottle of wine and do it”.

Kay opening the bottle of wine

I began by asking Kay to tell me a little about herself and here is what she told me in summary.

Kay was born in Denver Colorado on May 4, 1930, and lived her whole life there. After high school she went to work for a steel company as a secretary, and later at Muntz TV, and at age 23, she married and had two boys.

When her husband became ill she started working for Petroleum night club as a Coat check and cocktail waitress for about four years, then later she worked at some of Denver’s finest hotels for about eight years . Then she started a job at Wintchel’s Donut shop where she first ventured into entrepreneurship and later took it over. She went to baking school and opened her own pasty shop called Wilkerson’s Donuts and Pastries...and this was in the 1950’s when very few women were working outside the home, much less business owners. She did this for nine years, and later decided to go to cosmetology school, mainly because of her own interest in skin care. Once she got her esthetician’s license, she started working for a private retirement home where she did reflexology, manicures, facials for about 18 years.

She just keeps reinventing herself, expanding her knowledge and interests. Later in the 1990’s she started making homemade salsa, called Rica de Katarina. She began taking it to different grocery stores, and within a few months she said, “ My Salsa was becoming so popular that I found myself making several hundred pounds of it a month just to keep up with the demand”. Later her salsa was sold in Costco Price club, and Sam’s. Kay continued to make salsa for another 10 years. Later, due to too much competition she sold her private salsa to a food company.

Here is how our interview went:

Angie: What would you say is your overall secret to vitality?

Kay:Not being afraid to get out into the world, drink lots of water, and my mother taught us to eat healthy foods...she cooked vegetables, we ate a lot of soups, no processed foods.”

Angie: What kind of health regimen do you use to stay healthy? Do you take any RXs?

Kay: No, I only took something for a little dizziness back in 2012…but, that was it… I contribute my good health to having a very healthy mom who was my role model.

Angie: How have you lived your life different from most people today?

Kay: I started working at a very early age, which made me grow up, and I was enthusiastic about making my own money being independent.

Angie: How do you keep your mind sharp?

Kay: By working at it, eating healthy and staying active and having purpose. I exercise with walks, some yoga, and I lift a few weights.

She says it is important to do something everyday for at least 30 min/day.

Angie: How much TV do you watch?

Kay: Sometimes in the evenings, but overall, I prefer to have music on.

She says she is too busy and has better things to do.

Angie: What inspires you?

Kay: Being independent, knowing that I can do most things without much help.

Angie: Have you ever experienced fear in your life? If so, in what way?

Kay: I Sometimes have fears of losing my good health, which keeps me motivated to stay on top of it. I enjoy staying young, and my mother taught me to be independent.

Angie: How do you maintain your energy level? Have you always had an abundance of energy or did you develop it over time?

Kay: I always had it due to being raised in a healthy way and I was always active and working from a young age.

Angie: What are you most proud of?

Kay: I feel proud that I can be independent at my age. I love it, and I love when people are shocked by my age. Lol!

Angie: How do you handle disappointments in your life?

Kay: I look at my hand and say this is the best helping hand I have..and I will do the best I can”....never blame others. Learn to sometimes just “Let it Be”.

Angie: What do you believe to be the secret to resilience?

Kay: Learning to be self-sufficient. Strength comes from looking after your own well-being.” No health, NO wealth” and never playing victim. Take responsibility for my own health and well-being.

Angie: What advice do you wish someone would have given you when you were a younger woman?

Kay: Never be afraid to try new things.

Angie: Has there been anyone in your life who has inspired you?

Kay: Mr Max, an older man I worked and became friends with who inspired me because I loved to learn from him when he was dealing with people. I have learned a lot from others.

Angie: Is there anything you would do differently if you could go back in time?

Kay: I would have wanted to take more schooling. I loved starting my own business doing the things I enjoy. I didn't like sitting at a desk.

Angie: Has your diet changed over the years?

Kay: It keeps getting better from learning and knowing what makes me feel good and what does not.

Angie: Do you drink alcohol?

Kay: moderation and at classy places.

Angie: Have you ever smoked cigarettes?

Kay: NO, never liked it.

Angie: Have you ever smoked marijuana? What are your thoughts about cannabis and the fact that it is becoming legal in many states now?

Kay: Yes, I have smoked it responsibly. I do believe it should be legalized so that people can know what they are getting and can control the quality. The only problem is that there is always going to be people who abuse things. Some people do abuse it which is not good, but, that’s true with many things.

Angie: How long have you been using essential oils? How did you discover them?

Kay: I discovered them 23 years ago. I started on myself with Young Living. I took classes on the topic and became hooked after noticing the positive results on myself. I found that these oils had many healing benefits for health and well-being. I experienced results myself and saw it with others.

Angie: You have told me how much you admired your mother. Tell me more about her and why she was such an influence on your life.

Kay: She taught me that “Nothing is impossible”. She took care of 5 kids on her own. She worked in factories during the war, and taught us to eat fresh foods.

Angie: Is there anything you have not done that you have always wanted to do?

Kay: I would have liked to have had a better marriage, but, I am grateful that I did have a wonderful relationship with a man later in life.

Angie: What is the key to being happy in your opinion?

Kay: Do wonderful things for yourself and for others. Self love – keeping myself looking healthy and attractive, pleasant without too much makeup. It always comes back to you.

Angie: If you were 30 years old today, would you live your life differently?

Kay: No, but I probably would not have stayed in a bad marriage for as long as I did.

Angie: How important is it to have a connection to a divine source? How has it affected your life?

Kay: My faith continues to make my life beautiful. It helps me to feel strong, and never alone.

Angie: Top 3 things every woman must do for her skin?

Kay: Cleanse, moisturize, and more moisturize. Use Natural products.

Angie: Would you be in a romantic love relationship with a man at your age now?

Kay: Yes, If he was young minded. Would not mind if older or younger. “Sexercise” is a another secret to longevity…lol.

Angie: What are the top things women can do to improve their skin and prevent signs of aging?

Kay: Eat well (fresh food, fruits, veggies, lots of fish) stay away from heavy, fatty meats. Cleanse at night with some kind of natural product. I cleanse with olive oil and baking soda mix, toner with pure apple cider vinegar. Just use a few drops, moisturize with *essential oil blend such as frankincense, lavender, geranium, chamomile. Stay active and have purpose in your life, forever. Get involved. Don’t just sit at home. Find different things to do.

Angie: *Kay shared her secret facial serum blend with me and now we have recreated it at Joi. It is the Joi Facial Serum sold @ Joi Apothecary Shop.

Angie: As you can see, Kay was a huge influence in my desire to learn some secrets to living a long, healthy, and happy life. She is the epitome of what our Joi Revolution project is all about…and she didn’t even know it. How cool is that?

Join me for more topics on how to revolutionize your health and life subscribing to my channel @ joirevolution on Youtube . Learn more on our website

Peace, Love & Joi


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