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Maitake has the following properties: Helps to manage sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, immune benefitsm, inhibits cancer development, D-Fraction packed with antioxidants, helps protect against diabetes. 

Turkey tail has the following properties: Antitumor effects help enhance effects of radiation therapy, antioxidant activity boosts immune response, helps lower cholesterol, & increase interferon production.

Lion's Mane has the following properties: Promotes enhanced memory & brain function, beneficial effects on digestion, provides neuro-protective effect, Helps repair the myelin-sheath, supports mood, improves cognitive function, helps treat peptic ulcers, helps enhance the immune system.

Reishi has the following properties: Anti-tumor benefits, supports & helps improve liver function, facilitates detoxification, promotes heart health, balances blood pressure, helps balance hormones, fights diabetes, helps minimize allergies and asthma, supports the immune system. 

Cordyceps has the following properties: Studied to help improve respiratory health by increasing oxygen uptake, boosts heart health, works to detoxify the body, helps prevent certain types of cancer, boosts energy, supports the Immune system.


*This statement has not been by the FDA, this product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

Immunity Blend Extract

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